Transportation Assistance for Volunteers, Service Learners, and Community Leaders

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No ride to your site? No problem! Don’t let transportation prevent you from navigating, exploring, and serving our amazing community. We will gladly advise students on transportation options to and from their service or volunteer site, just stop by the CCBLLR in Union G28, call us at 414-229-3161, or email


Your first step to a seamless bus ride is to know your bus route. Check out Google Transit and the goMCTS website or stop by the CCBLLR to confirm your route. Always feel comfortable confirming the bus route with the bus driver when you board the bus.

For added security, you can sit near the bus driver. During your bus ride you can catch up on reading or homework, but it is best not to sleep and limit the use of valuables such as headphones and cell phones. See if there are other students taking the bus to the same site. You’ll form relationships with other students while making use of your UPASS!

Want to find other students taking the bus to your site? Email the CCBLLR with your volunteer site and the times you regularly attend. We’ll see who else may be traveling at the same time to that volunteer site and connect you.


There are many ways you can coordinate a carpool to and from your site. The quickest way is to ask your professor for a little bit of time before or after class and discuss with your classmates possible carpooling. When driving to your sites, know your route and confirm the address with the site coordinator beforehand. The coordinator will also be able to provide additional tips for traveling to their facility, as well as information regarding parking.


Most of our partner sites are not within walking distance from campus, however if you live or find yourself walking distance from the site, or need to walk a short distance from the bus stop please keep in mind a few safety tips. When walking to and from your site, walk on main paths in well-lit areas. Never take short cuts or walk through alleys. Do not carry valuables, and if you must, keep them hidden from sight. Be alert, no texting or jamming to loud music. Keep in mind you might be close enough to use a BOSS!


If you have your own car feel free to drive to your site! Be sure to check ahead to see if your site has a parking lot or to see what the street parking regulations are in the area.

Or take a rideshare service, such as Uber or Lyft, and get dropped off and picked up directly at your location!