StreetLife Communities Inc. Positions

We teach and inspire others to do the same. Over 20 years of often painful learning and experience, we have developed what we think is a simple and effective method for initiating innovative outreach efforts that is replicable and scalable. We offer groups and individuals an immersion program where others can come and live in community with us for either a long weekend, or for a week. Here they will learning the methods and underlying guiding principles that have allowed us grow and evolve over the years to the point where we have 20,000 meaningful contacts with individuals per year. We aren’t here to tell others what to think or do, we simply give there groups some things to think about and some tools to use to build their own outreach programs and ministries in their own communities. We then provide follow-on support to them, to include sending a team to them to help them launch when they are ready.

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