Resources Linked to Racism, Activism, Community Engagement, and Social Justice

Below is a list of readings, films, and podcasts to consider four course use related to race, service, activism, leadership, and social justice work.

Ginwright, S. (2015). Radically Healing Black Lives: A Love Note to Justice. New Directions for Student Leadership, 2015(148), 33-44.

In this article, Ginwright (2015) discusses how current conditions in Black communities foster the growth of youth leadership that focuses on hope, love, and joy that are restorative and redemptive (p. 33). 

Martin, G., Linder, C., Williams, B., Stewart, T., & Quaye, S. (2019). Building Bridges: Rethinking Student Activist Leadership. New Directions for Student Leadership, 2019(161), 51-63.

In this article, Martin, Linder, Williams, Stewart, and Quaye (2019) discuss student activism and student activist leadership within a college campus, and how to uncover that leadership that may be invisible in social movement spaces (p. 51). 

Tippett, K (2020).  Podcast OnBeing: In Conversation with Robin DiAngelo and Resmaa Menakam. June  9, 2020Available at 

Resmaa Menakam is a Minneapolis-based trauma specialist and Robin DiAngelo is the author of White Fragility.  

Hannah-Jones, N. (2015). Podcast This American Life: The Problem We All Live With. Episode 562Available at: 

This podcast examines structural racism in education systems. This podcast tells the story of what happened when one public school high school that primarily served white families was forced to integrate with a nearby high school that primarily served black families. 

UWM Athletic Department MS Sway Presentation

The UWM Athletic Department offers this MS Sway presentation put together by the University of Oklahoma. It utilizes multi-media content that is quite well done and addresses some specific issues connected to history, culture, and race. The presentation includes links to the op ed piece from the LA Times by Kareem AbdulJabbar, historical accounts from the Tulsa Race Massacre, the experiences of Black veterans after WWII with the GI Bill, a TedX Talk on the War on Drugs, information about allyship and activism, and more. 

TakeCare Film Vignettes 

Take Care Films use storytelling through 40+ short film vignettes that focus on holistic health issues facing different populations, around different health related issues such as childhood trauma, nutrition, nature as a tool for better health, aging, veterans issues, the impact of poverty, and environmental issues. These short clips are excellent at introducing a topic, and in various disciplines instructors could provide thoughtful prompts for students to write about. 

Documentary film: Milwaukee 53206 

This film examines the issue of mass incarceration by looking at the experiences of residents in the 53206 zip code in Milwaukee, WI.  This film is available from the UWM Library website. 

Documentary film: Dream Big Dreams 

This film profiles the life of Vel Phillips, a Milwaukee attorney, politician and civil rights activist who was a trailblazer in Wisconsin history on many fronts. This film is available from the PBS website.