Assignments Designed for Various Disciplines that Will Allow Students to Explore Community Virtually or Remotely through Service

Some of the linked documents can be cut and pasted into your syllabus needing only minor adjustments for your particular course. 

In addition to the readings, videos, and podcasts listed in the student section on the previous pages, we want to offer some assignment ideas that will allow students to lean a bit into community engagement this fall, especially if you will be unable to incorporate service learning into your course. While face-to-face interaction is critical because it leads to relationship building, in Fall of 2020 not all students and instructors will be comfortable with in-person service-learning. Therefore, below we have provided some content and assignments that will allow students to explore the community and non-profit sector virtually. 

Organization Observation through Online Presence 

This document outlines an assignment where students research and report on a non-profit agency based on the organizations online presence. The assignment ask students to consider who the agency is, what their online presence offers the public, and what is left out. Instructors are encouraged to read the assignments and after grading, send a few of the best online presence papers to the agencies as they may find the information helpful, and offer an outside perspective from a young demographic. While you may want to narrow the organization type down that the students are allowed to research beyond just “non-profit” based on your discipline, there is also a list of local organizations connected to local activism that could be offered for student selection. that there is a sentence highlighted in yellow on the linked document that would need to be filled in to make it course content specific. 

Online Tutoring Project 

Are you interested in supporting elementary, middle, or high school students in Milwaukee with their academics during this period of uncertainty through service learning? The Online Tutoring Project matches college-age tutors with families seeking academic support while their kids are home. Tutors can indicate the subjects and grade levels they are comfortable working with and are asked to commit to tutoring two students for two sessions each week; the sessions last about 30-45 minutes each, plus an additional 45 minutes of prep timeIf you would like to engage your students in the Online Tutoring Project contact Ben Trager at 

Video and Multimedia Storytelling Assignment 

The link about goes an article by Michael Hernandez’s who describes his process for empowering students through multimedia storytelling.