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The UWM Center for Community-Based Learning, Leadership, and Research provides leadership development and team-building opportunities for student organizations, campus departments, and Milwaukee non-profit agencies through the LEAD MKE Mini-Retreats Program. LEAD MKE Mini-Retreats are half-day experiences that empower teams to explore leadership development and group dynamics through three interactive sessions.

Menu and Offerings

Facilitated in 4-6 hours by trained and certified university professionals, our mini-retreats engage participants in deep-level thinking in the areas of personality type, emotional intelligence, group dynamics, team-building, communication, as well as planning and reflection. The morning begins with each individual member of the team completing one of the personality instruments and then learning about what it means for individuals and groups. Then, as a group, the team completes a team-building exercise that challenges participants to communicate better, listen to one another, and problem-solve. The mini-retreat ends with a reflection lunch.

AppetizersPersonality Instruments: 1-1.5 hoursUtilizing personality style assessment tools such as MBTI™, StrengthsQuest™, DiSC®, or True Colors™, participants will explore how their unique talents, innate preferences, and individual styles can foster productive individual and team work efforts.


EntreeTeam-Building Tools: 1.5-2.5 hoursTeams will participate in high-energy challenges that will keep them engaged and moving. Challenge courses and simulated survival exercises will feature opportunities to develop problem-solving, communication, and consensus-building skills.

dessertImplementation & Reflection: 1 hourOver lunch, teams will reflect on morning experiences and discuss next steps, shared goals, group dynamics, or other predetermined topics.


contactPlan a LEAD MKE Mini-Retreat!To schedule a LEAD MKE Mini-Retreat for your group or for more information, contact Ben Trager at bwtrager@uwm.edu

andersdc@uwm.edu or 414-229-3161