Articles & Critical Service-Learning

Below are a list of resources and articles related to virtual and remote service learning best practices:

Becnel, K., & Moeller, R. (2017). Community-embedded learning experiences: Putting the pedagogy of service-learning to work in online courses. Open Learning: The Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning, 32(1), 56-65.

In this article, Becnel and Moeller (2017) discuss different techniques that can be utilized for adapting service-learning pedagogy into an online learning environment. 

Guthrie, K., McCracken, H., & Anderson, T. (2010). Teaching and Learning Social Justice through Online Service-Learning Courses. International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 11(3), 78-94.

This article outlines how when technologies, pedagogies, and on-site experiences are combined, students experience a stimulating and transformative learning environment that encourages them to discuss and experience social justice, action, and change outside of the classroom. 

Guthrie, K., & McCracken, H. (2010). Making a difference online: Facilitating service-learning through distance education. The Internet and Higher Education, 13(3), 153-157.

This article describes a case study that examines experiential learning and civic engagement within an online format of a class that incorporates service-learning pedagogy. 

Helms, M., Rutti, R., Hervani, A., Labonte, J., & Sarkarat, S. (2015). Implementing and Evaluating Online Service-learning Projects. Journal of Education for Business, 90(7), 369-378.

In this article, RuttiHervaniLabonte and Sarkarat (2015) discuss the techniques and implementation process of service-learning in an online format. 

Mcwhorter, R., Delello, J., & Roberts, P. (2016). Giving Back: Exploring Service-Learning in an Online Learning Environment. Journal of Interactive Online Learning, 14(2), 80-99.

In this article, McwhorterDelello and Roberts (2016) discuss how best to incorporate service-learning into an online environment specifically for online business students. 

Nielsen, D. (2016). Facilitating service learning in the online technical communication classroom. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 46(2), 236-256.

In this article, Nielsen (2016) discusses different techniques for integrating service-learning into an online platform, while also examining the positive impact it has on helping students create a greater sense of civic engagement.  


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