Safari Homes

  • Aerial View

The proposed site for this development is nearly 22 acres of natural land located in Franklin, Wisconsin. The site is located at the intersection of S 27th Street and Puetz Road, and has no active structures occupying the land. Maps indicate an old, and now overgrown driveway located on the 27th Street side, that connects to a small building foundation. Since the site is vacant, it is inaccessible, making it an opportunity for new development that provides access to the natural features.

The concept plan proposes new housing and commercial space to be developed on the land, respecting the natural conditions for minimal site interruption. After studying the various site conditions, CDS created several master plan diagrams that explored how of single family and town-home housing, as well as commercial uses at the corner, could be distributed on the site.

After the site planning phase, two housing concepts were developed for potential town-home layouts, one three bedroom option, and one four bedroom option. Both layouts utilized the same footprint, but each offered slightly different layouts and amenities. The commonality originated with a two car garage on the lower level that opens to the back of the unit, while maintaining the front door on the first floor facing the street. The particular move was heavily influenced by the site topography. Other design moves were made to reuse solar gains and reduce views into the interior from the outside, while still allowing views of the surrounding landscape.

The four bedroom option was preferred and selected.