Reflo MPS

  • Clement Avenue School

ReFlo and Community Design Solutions (CDS) combined to work with Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) to propose a re-design of a variety of outdoor spaces. The sites addressed include Starms Early Childhood Center, Longfellow School, Burdick School, and Hawley Environmental School.

Currently these sites are completely paved in asphalt, which is deteriorating; leading to student injuries and costly repairs.  Furthermore, the asphalt prevents storm water from adequately retaining on site, putting strain on the city’s storm water system.  ReFlo proposes a conceptual site wide storm water management strategy, incorporating new play spaces for students and outdoor classrooms. CDS proposed a variety of designs that synthesize outdoor programs with the previously stated ReFlo intervention; specific to each site. These include play spaces, partially and fully covered outdoor classrooms, public seating and green spaces.