Mobile Workshop

  • Rendering of back entrance

Community Design Solutions (CDS) and MKE Plays from the City of Milwaukee collaborated to design a Mobile Workshop that provides supplementary programing to the city parks of Milwaukee. The Mobile Workshop is envisioned as a dual purpose, mobile unit. The primary purpose of the Mobile Workshop is to facilitate community engagement, including gathering community feedback on existing parks and community input on potential changes to parks. To accommodate this purpose, a workspace and a white board are incorporated, with the white board also being used for projection. The secondary purpose of the Mobile Workshop is to provide play focused activities and plenty of flexible storage. This is purposefully broad, as the full potential will be realized through implementation.
The design produced by Community Design Solutions takes a standard steel frame 16’ trailer with a triangular space at the front and remodels it to accommodate the needs addressed by MKE Plays. The trailer can be hitched to any towing vehicle and brought to the parks where supplemental programming is desired. The Mobile Workshop can be left behind if the vehicle needs to make other stops and picked up later.

The design begins with an operable flap on the park side of the trailer. The flap can be raised and fastened to create a canopy while opening up the interior of the Mobile Workshop to the park. This reveals a central workstation that can be interacted with from the exterior at standing height, or the interior at seated height. The interior of the Mobile Workshop focuses on community engagement with a white board opposite from the workstation. Bright and colorful play cubes are brought out and can be used for seating or for play. Primary storage is included in the front of the trailer to allow for a variety of play activities. The back flap is transformed into a handicap accessible entrance to the trailer.