MKE Plays

Client: MKE Plays

Location: N 17th St. & W Vine St., Milwaukee

  • MKE Plays Park | 17th & Vine | Perspective

Community Design Solutions (CDS) worked with the MKE Plays initiative to build upon visioning concepts for the existing park at N. 17th Street and W. Vine Street. Located adjacent to Cross Lutheran Church and Shalom High School, the park has gradually become underutilized by the surrounding community.

CDS met with MKE Plays staff, looked over neighborhood surveys, and visited the site in order to develop design intentions for a newly developed park. Residents voiced their desire to increase the safety of the park while improving the park’s overall appearance. The community expressed an interest in enhancing the playground equipment for the children, as well as providing walking paths and exercise equipment for adult fitness.

CDS staff designed a proposal that reduced the size of the basketball court, created more playground space, developed a walking track, and selected diverse, native landscape elements. Gathering spaces are positioned under the large, existing tree to allow families and friends to rest or enjoy a picnic.