Marketplace BID

Community Design Solutions (CDS) worked with the Marketplace
BID #32 to develop visioning concepts for several facades, vacant
or underutilized parcels, and streetscaping to spur additional
investment. The scope of work is North Avenue – 7th Street to 27th
Street, and Fond du Lac Avenue – Walnut Street to Center Street.

Background research included population, age groups,
vacancies, and other census-related data; traffic counts and
public transportation stops; current vacancies; and in-progress
redevelopment. A series of precedent studies were developed to
explore opportunities for facade projects, adaptive reuse, pedestrain
walkability, and traffic calming.

Following the precedents, several input meetings were held that
included the BID #32 committee, area stakeholders, and business
owners. These meetings helped foster design ideas for the sites
and input on what is feasible for this area of Milwaukee.

Three selected redevelopment parcels are proposed to be
transformed into a multi-tenant office space, a youth community
center, and a hardware store with an adjacent cafe