LBWM – Clarke Square Charette

Located in Milwaukee’s Near South Side, the study area includes Layton Boulevard West Neighbors (LBWN) and the Clarke Square neighborhood. LBWN is composed of historic Silver City, Burnham Park, and Layton Park neighborhoods and was one of the first regions to be built west of Milwaukee’s downtown. With recent developments such as the Hank Aaron Trail, the restored Valley Passage, and Cesar Chavez Drive BID, the study area is poised to strengthen its connection and integration into the rest of the City of Milwaukee. Visitors and residents are already provided with attractions ranging from Miller Park to the Mitchell Park Conservatory. The neighborhoods are geared to enhance the area’s value by further improving its public spaces, housing market and reinvigorating its commercial districts to enhance the quality of life for neighborhood residents, businesses, and visitors. Building on the international shopping and dining identity, the community’s much valued diversity will be a fundamental asset. Additionally, the recent arrival of the Urban Ecology Center and the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation have set a precedent for the neighborhood to increase its focus on environmental, educational, and public health activities.