Greenfield Loomis Skatepark and Redevelopment

  • Site Plan

The South 27th Street Business District Association, in collaboration with the City of Greenfield, is committed to redeveloping underutilized land adjacent to Loomis Road and Interstate-43, with an emphasis on developing a skate park on the former site of the nationally renowned Turf skate park.

CDS and the South 27th Street Business District Association worked together to provide a vision and design concept for a skate park that can serve as a site for national competitions, as well as the greater Milwaukee skate community. Additionally, CDS provided a design concept for redevelopment of several parcels of underutilized land along Loomis Road. The was achieved through researching national skate parks and skate culture, meeting with city and county staff, and gathering input from the community.

The final design concept included residential units, commercial space along Loomis, and a hotel and office on the southeast section of the site, adjacent from the Skate Park. The park is located at the former location of the Turf skate park, and consists on an indoor-outdoor skate area, pro-shop, and competition area.