Goodland Mobile Market

Client: Goodland Mobile Market

Location: Milwaukee Area

  • Goodland Mobile Market

Goodland Mobile Market sought a design for a mobile grocery store that provides a new, fresh grocery option to food deserts of Milwaukee. This mobile grocery store, the Mobile Market, will be constructed using an existing Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus. The design, proposed by Community Design Solutions (CDS), uses the Excelsior 40’ model from New Flyer. New Flyer is the current MCTS supplier of busses. This proposal works for any modern bus model with only minor changes to the design.

The Mobile Market is expected to carry a majority of goods that can be found at any traditional, small grocery store in Milwaukee. This includes fruit, vegetables, dairy products, baked goods, dried goods, frozen goods and a selection of pre-prepared food. The mobile grocery will make two to five stops daily and will be using a sponsor grocery store for daily restocking and cleaning. Stops will include pre-approved street corners, parking lots and other public locations. It will be operated by two or three employees at any one time.

There are various design challenges addressed by this proposal. First, the exterior is designed so that the mobile grocery store presents itself as a grocery store and not as an advertisement or billboard for a grocery store. Second, the passenger side is designed to engage the public areas it serves and be a welcoming attraction for customers. Lastly, the interior is organized so that it is accessible and intuitive for all shoppers.