UWM EMS Makerspace

Client: UWM College of Engineering & Applied Science

Location: 3200 N. Cramer St., Milwaukee

  • Phase I - Makerspace

Community Design Solutions (CDS) worked with a team from the UWM College of Engineering & Applied Science to re-design the Engineering Makerspace, lounge, flexible classroom space, as well as a re-configuration of the “Grind” coffee shop. The project consisted of 3 design phases. Each phase explored different options of re-envisioning the layout and organization of the equipment and furniture, and varied in the amount of construction and re-configuration of spaces.

The goal was to create a larger Makerspace, which would allow for easy circulation, an open and flexible floorplan, and plenty of surface area for workstations and equipment. Another goal was to create a clear view from the outside of the room to allow visibility into the Makerspace. In phase II & III a lounge space was proposed to allow for a more relaxed seating area, and to create a better transition into the Makerspace.

The design aspirations for the classrooms were to create an open and flexible learning space. This would consist of movable, stackable, and foldable furniture, floor-to-ceiling dry-erase walls, plentiful presentation space, and projection walls.

Finally, in Phase II & III, a new “Grind” coffee shop was proposed in a different location and re-designed to be more streamlined into the public space and hallways.