Burleigh Charette

  • Site 1: Parking Structure - Galbraith Carnahan

CDS facilitated their 12th Community Design and Development Charette focused on how to transform the Burleigh corridor. CDS staff revisited various strategic action plan recommendations, researched neighborhood demographics and history, examined business diversity, and conducted focus groups to gather input from various stakeholders. The day long charette, held at UW-Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning in September 2019, included five local architectural firms: Endberg Anderson, Galbraith Carnahan, Korb & Associates, Kahler Slater, and Quorum. The teams generated ideas for the various sites based on stakeholder input, including: a grocery market, Sherman Theater , a grocery store, activating the ground floor and rooftop of the St. Joseph Hospital parking garage, and housing in the St. Joseph Hospital Marquette building.

Burleigh Charette Final Report

Burleigh Charette Final Report Video