Sang-Yeon Kim

Associate Professor
 Johnston Hall 223


PhD, Communication, Michigan State University

Research Interests

His major research interest involves cross-/inter-cultural communication, cultural convergence, diversity management, persuasion and social influence, and quantitative methods and statistics.

Courses Taught

Undergraduate Level                                                                                                                              
COMM 101: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (Instructor)
COMM 350:  Introduction to Intercultural Communication (Instructor)
COMM 370:  Quantitative Research Methods for Undergraduates (Course Coordinator)
COMM 450:  Introduction to Cross-Cultural Communication (Course Coordinator)
COMM 464:  Theories and Practices of Persuasion (Instructor)

Graduate Level
COMM 700:  Quantitative Research Methods for Graduates (Instructor)
COMM 800:  Proseminar: Discipline of Communication (Instructor)
COMM 860 Seminar:  Diversity Effect (Instructor)
COMM 860 Seminar:  Issues of Public Campaigns (Instructor)
COMM 860 Seminar:  Basics of Text Analysis (Instructor)
COMM 864:  Communication and Social Influence (Instructor)

Selected Publications

Kim, S., Allen, M. R., & Preiss, R. (2019, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). Meta-analysis of the curvilinear relationship between rate of delivery and message persuasiveness. Communication, Society & Media, 2, 1-14.
Kim, S. (2018, June). Role norm appeal in deterring student binge drinking in the U.S. and South Korea. Asian Communication Research, 15(1), 49-74.
Kim, J., & Kim, S. (2018). Media response to presidential apology including vs. excluding excuse. Political Communication Research, 48, 5-35.
Kim, S., Cramer, E., Lim, T., Song, H., Ahn, S., Kim, J., Kim, H., & Kim, J. (2018). When a family member is ill: Implications for prosocial behavior across cultures. Journal of Comparative Family Studies, XLIX, 21-44.
Kim, S., Levine, T., Allen, M. R., & (2017, November). The intertwined model of reactance for resistance and persuasive boomerang. Communication Research, 44(7), 931-951.
Ruppel, E. K., Gross, C., Stoll, A., Peck, B., Allen, M. R., & Kim, S. (2017). Reflecting on connecting: Meta-analysis of differences between mediated and face-to-face self-disclosure. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 22, 18-34.
Choi, C. S., & Kim, S. (2017). When Smartphone Responses Are Not Unreliable. Communication Research Reports, 34, 1–9.
Allen, M. R., Kim, S., & (2016). Meta-Analysis. Berger, C., & Roof, M. (Eds.). International Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Communication, 1-6.
Kim, S., Herrman, A., Song, H., Lim, T., Cramer, E., Ahn, S., Kim, J., Ota, H., Kim, H., & Kim, J. (2016). Exploring cultural differences in women’s body weight perception: The impact of self-construal on perceived overweight and engagement in health activities. Health Care for Women International, 37, 1203-1220.