Reproductive Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean

Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled on September 7th that the ban on abortion in the country is unconstitutional. According to the New York Times, the ruling only “applies immediately only to the northern state of Coahuila, where the justices said that a law mandating up to three years in jail for people who get abortions was unconstitutional. Their ruling set a legal precedent for the nation — but putting it into practice requires either legal challenges in each of the 28 states in Mexico that still criminalize the procedure, or a change in law by state legislatures.” Mexico will join Argentina in expanding reproductive rights, whose senate voted to legalize abortion late last year, and WLRN out of Florida has an article comparing Mexico’s historic ruling to the newest restrictive legislation in Texas.

But the region still has a long way to go in securing reproductive rights. The Center for Reproductive Rights has a section on their LAC programs, found here. The Dialogue has a piece from February looking at the impact of Argentina’s historic ruling on the future of reproductive rights in the region, found here. And the BBC has a piece about how reproductive rights are affected by socioeconomic factors, found here.