Japanese Mexicans and WWII

Inside an Invisible Iron Wall: The Forced Relocation of Japanese and Japanese Mexicans during World War II, given by Dr. Jerry Garcia on Monday, March 14 (4pm Central) via Zoom, will be the first lecture in a series on Japanese Latin Americans during WWII. Click here to register and click here to find out more about the series and the related exhibit at the Jewish Museum of Milwaukee.

To support this lecture series, we’re offering coordinated resources. Dr. Garcia’s website has a collection of images of Japanese Mexican communities and experiences in the first part of the 20th century, located here. Artist Maya Kaminishi Jeffereis, whose grandmother was interred at Heart Mountain War Relocation Center in Wyoming, has a short film in which she performs the ancestor-honoring Bon Odori dance at the Temixco Water Park that stands on the remains of the Temixco Internment Camp near Cuernavaca. Find that hereDensho Encyclopedia also has an overview of the Japanese Mexican removal experience, found here.