How to Choose a Program

Can I REALLY Study Abroad?

The Center for International Education believes that all students should have the opportunity to study abroad. But CIE also understands that one of the outlying questions that students wonder is, “Can I really study abroad?” CIE believes that there is a study abroad program for all students that wish to go abroad and will utilize all resources available. But the first step begins with the student. Here are some things to consider:

  • Studying abroad is a great resume-builder and may even open up new opportunities for graduate school, or give you an edge over other job candidates.
  • With increasing globalization, it is important to have second/foreign language skills, problem-solving skills, and international knowledge with a global perspective.
  • You can earn credits toward graduation through an education abroad program, and with some detailed planning, it will not delay your graduation date.
  • As a student, you are eligible for scholarships and financial aid to assist with payment of your program.

How Do I Choose?

Think about the type of experience you are looking to get out of studying abroad.

  • Are you looking to master your fluency in another language? Learn a new one?
  • Do you need to take classes in your major or earn credits towards your degree?  Do you have electives that you have sitting around and want to use by exploring courses outside of your major?
  • Do you want to experience a new country or go somewhere less commonly traveled?

Determine what you want to get out of studying abroad by determining your goals. It’ll help clear up the clutter on so many different programs and help you focus on what best fits you and your interests.

Visit the Destinations and Program Types pages for more information about UWM’s offerings.

Where Do I Start?

  • Meet with your academic advisor to help plan out your academic priorities and plan.
    • Knowing what you want to get out of your study abroad experience is important and can help you with your decision.
  • Start researching financial options.
    • Check with your school or college to see if there scholarships or additional funds for students that are studying abroad.
    • The Center for International Education has compiled some basic scholarships from around campus and from program providers. —> CIE’s Financial Planning Page
  • Learn about the various study abroad programs that are available.
  • Meet with the Study Abroad staff.
    • Our Study Abroad Coordinators are experts on CIE’s study abroad programs. There are also student staff that you can talk to, including some who may have already studied abroad, or who are currently studying abroad in the U.S.!
  • Attend a Study Abroad Fair.
    • This is the best place to check out all of the study abroad programs and see other upcoming options.
    • There is a Study Abroad Fair each fall and spring semester.
  • Apply for a study abroad program.
    • Go to your desired program page, and review all the information.
    • Click the “Apply Now” button, and complete requirements by the listed deadline.