First, Congratulations and Welcome Back! Your experience abroad makes you rather unique. Only about 1% of U.S. College students have studied abroad, so the skills you have learned are extremely valuable!

Now that you are back in the U.S. we want to help you re-adjust to the USA, help you wrap things up, sell your international experience and stay involved with all things international.

Still feeling the buzz from being abroad and still want to be surrounded by internationals and those who have traveled & studied abroad? Consider staying involved with some of the ideas below:

1. Be a panelist or volunteer at a CIE’s Study Abroad & Cultural Events.

2. Be a Language Partner to an ESL student!

3. Get involved in a Student Organization.

4. Be an Exchange Student Buddy, for more information email

5. Volunteer in the community.

6. Consider international work or volunteer experiences after graduation.

  • Large group of students on Spaitz Plaza