Academic credit is the basis for your study abroad experience. After all, it is study abroad, right? To ensure that your participation in your chosen study abroad program provides you with maximum academic success, you should work closely (and early on) with your academic advisor.

Types of Programs

Faculty-Led Programs

For this type of program, you travel abroad with a UWM faculty member who teaches a course in a particular subject area. On most faculty-led programs, you will be with the same group of students all of the time, and much of the planning of events will be decided by the professor. This makes faculty-led programs a good choice for students who may be apprehensive of going abroad for the first time.

Exchange Programs

UWM has entered into agreements with universities all over the world where we exchange students with one another. On an exchange program students attend a foreign university, and choose and attend classes just as they would at UWM. The chief difference is that instead of paying tuition to the foreign institution, the student pays tuition to UWM, and may independently find housing and food options.

Study Abroad Programs

UWM has entered into agreements with several study abroad providers for short-term, semester or year programs. These providers serve as an in-country resource. The main difference between these programs and exchange programs is that you pay a comprehensive program fee that may include accommodations or meal plans in lieu of just tuition.

Academic Credit

Credit is awarded for successful completion of your coursework while abroad.To receive credit you will need an official transcript from an accredited institution displaying courses, letter grades and credit amounts. For most CIE affiliated programs, this process has already been arranged. If your program requests that you fill out a form, or is unsure of where to send the transcript upon completion of your program, the address is:

UWM CIE Study Abroad Office
P.O. Box 413
Garland Hall 138
Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413

Once CIE receives your transcript, please allow 6-8 weeks for us to process it.The amount of time it will take varies based on country and program. If you are studying abroad during your last term, please mention this to your coordinator. Credit will be processed as quickly as possible, however, graduation may be delayed.

All of your credit will come back as at least lower-level elective credit. If you would like your classes abroad to count as specific UWM courses (or as upper-level electives), you can use use the Course Equivalency Approval Form.