For Parents and Family Members

Dear Parents and Family Members,

Congratulations! Your loved one is about to embark on one of the most important experiences of their college career. Thank you for lending your support to an experience that may be one of the most exciting and significant events of your student’s life. Studying abroad is an occasion to learn about another country, its culture and its people, while either earning academic credit or participating in a non-credit opportunity. Additionally, this experience provides a chance to learn about oneself in the context of the world community.

Here at UWM the Center for International Education (CIE) Study Abroad Office offers a wide array of programs to address the diverse needs of our students. In order to ensure these opportunities are available to as many of our students as possible, the CIE Study Abroad Office is committed to providing affordable and academically rigorous programs. We work closely with faculty and departments across campus, and at other institutions, to assist our students in aligning their experience abroad with their academic pursuits.

The staff of the CIE Study Abroad Office work individually with each student to address specific needs and concerns before, during and after their experience abroad. Whatever type of program your family member or friend has chosen, we hope that the information in this section, and throughout our website, helps you understand their unique experience. Further, we hope that it allows you to provide the support at home that your participant needs to enjoy a rich and profound experience abroad.

If you or your student have questions about our programs, please feel free to contact us. We hope that this upcoming adventure proves to be meaningful and enriching for all of you.


CIE Study Abroad Office Team

While overseas, students are encouraged to stay in contact with the CIE Study Abroad and are also responsible to the UWM Student Conduct Code. Parents, Family members can also review the UWM Student Conduct Code.