Submitting a Faculty-Led Program Proposal

A complete faculty-led program proposal consists of four essential components: proposal form (with all required signatures), itinerary, syllabus and budget. The development process outlines the process for creating these items. If you’re unclear on any of these items, please visit program development section before going further.

If you’re ready to submit, you can either send in a physical copy by campus mail, email it to the Director of Study Abroad, or both.

Required Proposal Materials

  1. Proposal Form (PDF or Word) – signed by all necessary parties
  2. Detailed itinerary (PDF or Word)
  3. Course syllabus (PDF or Word)
  4. Program Budget (Excel Template)

Please note that if your program is a repeat submission from a previous year you will still need to update your itinerary to reflect new dates, as well as modify your budget to reflect changes in costs or currency fluctuations.

Optional Materials

  • Digital photos for use in advertising
  • Additional descriptive text for inclusion on your program’s website

Proposal Review and Approval

A faculty-led program is a collaborative effort not only between the program leader and CIE, but also between the leader and his or her academic department. Like all curricula at UWM, faculty-led programs should be viewed as offerings of both academic departments and individual professors. Early in the process, the leader should find out if the faculty in his or her department are supportive of the program and willing to promote it as part of departmental offerings.

Once your proposal is in final form, it should be submitted for review within your department or school.  In each case, however, it should culminate with your proposal receiving approval and signature from your department chair and dean.  Ideally they will be informed well in advance and this stage is merely the formalization of a prior understanding. You are then welcome to submit your completed proposal to CIE before the application deadline.

Review and approval procedures for faculty-led study abroad programs differ by school and college at UWM. It is your responsibility to understand and comply with your school’s/college’s procedures: