After Leading a Program

Now that you’re back from your program there are two important things to take care of: submitting your receipts and scheduling your debrief meeting.

Faculty Travel Expense Report

At the conclusion of your program you will need to submit your receipts for any program expenses paid out of your travel advance. The most reliable way to submit your receipts is in-person. There is a 30-day window to submit your TER, so it is important to do this right away. In the event that you are not returning to Milwaukee immediately after your program ends (the 30-day clock starts the day after your program end, and not when you return to the US), you will need to arrange to have your receipts submitted either by someone else or by mail/courier. If you do send your receipts by mail please use a reliable courier service, like FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. You are advised to make copies for yourself should the originals get lost in the mail:

Center for International Education
Study Abroad Office
C/o Financial Specialist
2441 East Hartford Avenue
Garland Hall 138
Milwaukee, WI 53211

The program receipts will be used to finalize the budget for your program, and you will be contacted to sign the TER once it is completed.

Study Abroad Program Debriefing

At the end of your program, participants will be emailed a survey about their program experience. This is not an evaluation of the course or the instructor, but rather it focuses on the overall program, as well as CIE services. Your Study Abroad Coordinator will contact you to set up a debrief meeting to discuss the challenges and successes of the program and, if applicable, talk about ways to enhance planning, marketing, and design for future iterations of the program.