Spotlight: Exchange Student, Saki Inoue, DJs on Milwaukee Radio station WKLH

Hello! I’m Saki. I’m exchange student from Japan. I took part in radio show in Milwaukee at February 25th on Sunday, “Hey Mom, I’m on KLH” by 96.5 WKLH! I would appreciate it if someone listened my show.

“Hey Mom, I’m on KLH” is a hometown rock radio show, which play rock song mainly about 1960’s to 1990’s. (

When I was in Japan, before I came here, UWM international student center send us a message which was about opportunity for taking part in radio show. I really like music and my major is journalism so I was interested in this amazing opportunity. I sent reply to them immediately, even though I am not sure I’m able to do in English! Then I got email, I thought that “Oh my gosh, I’m so grateful but can I speak in English…?”. All I have to do was just believing my college and doing mental imagery training.

Finally, this day came, I got to radio station and I saw the radio tower side of station building. “I did come a real that radio station!!” I thought. Before show, Mark who is radio personality showed radio studio, there were a lot of instrument for using broadcasting, fancy poster and five studios. These were so cool and I felt like I wanted to work here! It made me excited and nervous. It was because that was professional work site.

The show started, I was sitting in front of mic, and Mark signaled for speaking. It reminded me when I was 14, the time I was doing the student broadcasting at lunch time in school in Japan. I said “Hi!” to friends, student UWM and people who are listening. And I introduced the playlist that I choose including Nirvana, The Beatles, Heart and so on. These songs are polished and up to date although these were released 1960’s to 1990’s. As I was listening these cool songs and talking with Mark and Sue, I became to be less nervous. I came to enjoy speaking to mic. I was so nervous that I couldn’t speak much, but I’m satisfied with I could made it.

I had a great time and I really appreciate Mark and Sue’s support. I am so grateful for having valuable experience in U.S. Above all, Thank for WKLH and UWM giving this amazing opportunity!