Application Payment and Program Confirmation Policies
$100 Application Fee: 
Your $100 application fee must be paid in full by a program’s application deadline in order for your application to be considered complete (for security purposes, the study abroad office processes all received payments as soon as possible). If you are not accepted for participation or the program to which you have applied is cancelled, the application fee will be refunded to you 2-4 weeks after notification.

Please make checks, money orders, or cashier’s checks payable to “UWM”. Print the application payment instructions page and submit it with your payment to the Center for International Education (Garland 138) or mail these items to the address listed below.  Your payment must arrive in CIE by the application deadline.

Money orders can be obtained at any bank for a fee and one does not have to be a member of a bank to get a money order. The study abroad office does not accept cash. There is a $20 fee for returned checks, which the study abroad office adds to a student’s PAWS account.

To make a debit or credit card payment, please follow the instructions provided here:  This process may take up to 48 hours and is not considered complete until you receive an email confirmation indicating your payment was received.  Please take this into consideration in regard to the application deadline.

Program Confirmation:
You will receive an email from the study abroad office after acceptance into a program.  Included in the materials will be many important documents, including a commitment button.  The date by which one needs to commit varies by program. Every student commits to the program via their online application. The commitment is a legal document authorizing the full remaining amount of the program fees to be posted to your PAWS (Panther Access to Web Services) account according to the date listed on your program page.

Your $100 application fee payment is a separate charge from those posted on your PAWS account. Payment for the program must be handled through the UWM Cashier’s Office, Mitchell Hall 285.  Please consult the following website for a list of payment methods (online check, debit, and credit card) and an address for sending payments to that office: Application fee and confirmation policies are not negotiable.

Withdrawal Policies
If circumstances require you to withdraw from a program prior to your commitment, please withdraw your via your online application.  If circumstances require you to withdraw after you have committed to your program, you must contact the CIE study abroad office in writing (print or e-mail acceptable) for your withdrawal to be considered official.  Your message must (1) be dated, (2) explain why you are withdrawing, and (3) include the address to which you want your refund mailed, if applicable, after recoverable and non-recoverable costs have been determined.  If eligible, refunds typically take 2-4 weeks to process.  CIE’s study abroad office will assist you with any administrative matters resulting from your withdrawal.

Withdrawal after Commitment:
With your program commitment, you are signing a contract with UWM to study abroad and to pay for the full cost of the program. After submitting your commitment, any subsequent withdrawal from the program, for any reason, will result in your paying all non-recoverable program costs associated with the program. Recoverable costs are those that the university or vendors are able to refund to you. If the CIE study abroad office has purchased your CISI (Cultural Insurance Services International) insurance, which generally happens immediately after commitment, this fee will not be refundable. Generally, the closer to departure you withdraw, the less likely it is that costs will be recoverable. The CIE study abroad office makes every attempt to recover program charges to minimize the financial impact of withdrawal. The full program fee is non-refundable once you depart and begin your program.

Students who indicate on their Financial Aid Authorization form that they will make program payments using financial aid and subsequently withdraw from the program are held accountable for all non-recoverable costs. UWM reserves the right to withdraw you from a program if you fail to attend the general and site specific orientations.

Special Circumstances for Withdrawal/Refund Pertaining to Program Cancellation:
Special circumstances (epidemic, earthquake, tsunami, political unrest, U.S. Department of State Travel Warning, etc.) may result in UWM officials cancelling a program before departure or while it is in progress.

  • If a student decides to withdraw, or UWM cancels an education abroad program prior to departure all recoverable costs will be refunded.
  • If a student decides to withdraw or UWM cancels an education abroad program while in progress all recoverable costs will be refunded, and every effort will be made to complete the academic program on campus.

Privacy Policy

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