Recruitment Agency Partners

UWM partners with a carefully-selected group of recruitment agencies/consultancies that provide prospective international students with advising and application assistance. Our recruitment agency partners include the following (note that this list is subject to change without notice):

  • Alfa Beta Group
  • American Education Centre Ltd.
  • AMV Consultancy Services
  • Beijing New Oriental Vision Overseas Consulting Co. Ltd.
  • Istanbul Education Abroad (Beksac Turizm Ltd Sti)
  • Campus Direct
  • Can-Achieve Education Ltd.
  • Canam Consultants Ltd.
  • Capstone Vietnam
  • TC Global (The Chopras Global Holdings Pte. Ltd)
  • College Scholarships USA Ltd., part of the Pursue Group
  • Council for American Education
  • Dai Duong Education
  • Discovery Education
  • Disha Careers Pvt. Ltd.
  • EDRES Company for Educational Services
  • Edubridge Vietnam
  • Edwise Foundation (Nepal)
  • FirstPoint USA
  • GlobalUway Co. Ltd.
  • Good Wing (Edu Overseas Consultants)
  • I-20 Fever (Yathapu Consulting)
  • IDP Education Ltd.
  • IMFS/K.P. Singh Education Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Imperial Overseas Education Consultants
  • International University Exchange Center
  • Ivy Overseas
  • KC Overseas Private Education Pvt. Ltd.
  • Learner’s Cortex
  • LLC Compass
  • Manya Education Pvt. Ltd.
  • Master Plus International
  • Miracle Institute Pvt. Ltd.
  • Motif Education Abroad Pvt. Ltd.
  • Navarro’s Tours
  • One Window Overseas Education Pvt. Ltd.
  • Pravasa Education Pvt. Ltd.
  • Texas Review (TR Training and Consulting Services)
  • The Professional Network Ltd.
  • SAMI Education
  • Snapp Study (Vesta Consulting)
  • Study Square
  • Sunrise Consultancy Education Overseas Study & Training
  • University Study Inc., formerly College Study Inc. (and its subagents)
  • Valmiki Group
  • WholeRen Education LLC
  • Wisdom Education

UWM pays these agencies/consultancies a one-time fee for their support of students they recruit for UWM. Some agents/consultants charge students a counseling fee. We advise that prospective students clarify all charges and service expectations in advance.

Some of the agencies listed above are certified by the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC). Those agencies that are not AIRC-certified go through a UWM vetting process.

Another helpful resource for higher education information is EducationUSA, a U.S. State Department-sponsored organization with a network of advising centers around the world.

As well, UWM has a Regional Manager, Ms. Priyal Shah, who is based in Ahmedabad, India and is responsible for outreach to students and agents in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Ms. Shah can be reached at and prospective students from these countries should feel free to contact Ms. Shah directly.

If you’d like to express any feedback regarding our appointed representatives, please contact Dr. Tracy Buss, Associate Director for International Partnerships and Market Development, at