Lubar School of Business

Challenging others and challenging ourselves—this is what the Lubar School of Business is all about.

What sets the Lubar School apart is our relentless “make it happen” attitude.  The Lubar experience combines leading edge knowledge with a shirt-sleeves rolled up focus on accomplishing success in business and in life. Lubar students are known for both their abilities and their strong work ethic, built through meaningful internships and professional opportunities they gain from leading companies in southeastern Wisconsin. Our employer partners know that Lubar graduates are “job ready” the day they walk through the door.

Likewise, our faculty current thinking in areas that impact the world of business — from applying algorithms — to using geolocation technologies to build a brand on social media — to improving transportation through the Panama Canal through research-based supply chain logistics.

And similar to our students, our faculty bring their A-game to the classroom, engaging students in new approaches to solving business problems and incorporating the results of their world-class research into a dynamic curriculum.At the Lubar School of Business, it’s always Game On! – Lubar School of Business

Why Business students should study abroad:

Resume Booster/Competitive Advantage in the Job Market – Employers nowadays are looking for potential employees who can bring something different to the table. Studying abroad and learning different business practices could be that one thing that sets you aside from those who are also looking for the same job.

Increase Chances for a More Fulfilling Career – While abroad, it’s recommended that students create relationships with local students or locals. Building strong relationships is not just important for studying abroad, but building relationships with managers, peers, and subordinates is a challenge for anyone. Studying abroad can help you develop the confidence and maturity to begin developing those relationships in the workplace.

New Career Choices – Study abroad students come home with new interests, experiences and friends from around the world. With these new experiences, students may be exposed to new careers they had not previously considered. International business, political and academic careers can be exciting and rewarding, and studying abroad opens students up to a whole new world of possibilities.

New Skills & Better Adaptability – Students who study abroad learn new skills and are able to adapt easier to changes in and outside of the workplace. In addition to being able to adapt, students also have the chance to work, study, live and respond to people of diverse backgrounds which increases better workplace performance.

Scholarships – Scholarships are available to help finance your study abroad experience. Doing extra research can wield financial benefits and unique scholarship opportunities.

New Perspectives/Broadening Views of the World – Cultural diversity is nothing new to UWM students; studying abroad will give students first-hand experience. By going to their country of choice students have the chance to interact with natives and learn about their way of life, broadening their view on the world.

Considerations While Abroad

If you choose a non-UWM program, you will receive transfer credit, and you are responsible for making sure your official transcript is sent to CIE.

Electives can be easily completed while abroad. Another option for students is to have some of the courses taken abroad be counted as degree or certificate requirements or upper level electives. Check out the Course Equivalency page.

There are some courses within each major that need to be completed on the UWM campus. It is recommended to meet with an academic advisor to determine the courses that need to be completed on campus before deciding to study abroad.

Asking the right questions is very important when deciding what program works best for your major, minor and/or certificate. The Study Abroad team recommends talking to your Academic Advisor, your Study Abroad Coordinator and a Financial Aid Specialist.

CAPA Shanghai Global Cities

Singapore Management University

The University of San Francisco Quito

CEA Buenos Aires- International Business

Ajou University Exchange

CIEE Business & Culture in Germany

University of Kent Exchange

ISA Gold Coast: Business, Law, Society, Design 

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