WHSMUN 2019: Thursday, March 21 – Friday, March 22, 2019

WHSMUN is a two-day conference offering high school students a rewarding and challenging opportunity to learn about foreign policy and gain experience in the skills of international diplomacy through simulations of real-world issues impacting individuals, families, and communities in member-states being discussed at the United Nations.

If you are experienced or have never participated in Model UN before, there is a place for you at WHSMUN!

General Conference Information:

If you are new to WHSMUN or you need a general refresher on preparation, activities, and delegate and staff rules and expectations for the conference, please take some time reviewing an updated WHSMUN General Guidebook from 2018. Along with the registration materials from the 2018 Conference below.  The guidebook and  registration materials from 2018 will be updated for 2019 and available on-line beginning September 24th, 2018 when registration opens!

2018 WHSMUN Delegate Agenda

WHSMUN Delegate Code of Conduct

WHSMUN Country Matrix

General Assembly Main Committee and Special Council Background Guides:

Background guides will give a brief overview of the issue and some guiding questions to consider.  They are meant to be a starting place for delegates to begin their research, but are by no means comprehensive and inclusive of all of the information on that particular issue.  This allows for great research skill building as well as the flexibility for addressing each issue generally and then specifically as it pertains to the country the delegates are representing.  2019 General Assembly Main Committee issues will be announced after registration opens.

Delegate Resources and Useful Tools: 

Position Papers: Please upload your Position Papers Here. The user name and password is being given to WHSMUN advisors. The deadline for GA and Special Council position papers to be considered for an award is March 8, 2019. Additionally to be considered for an award papers must be properly formatted as outlined in the below Position Paper Overview: Research and Writing Guide.

Resolution Writing Resources:

Parliamentary Procedure Resources:


If you are interested in the conference or have questions, please contact WHSMUN Coordinator, Dina Wolf, by e-mail: wolfd@uwm.edu or by phone: (414) 229-3312 (Direct Line) or WHSMUN 2019 Secretary-General, Sara Fox, at wisconsinhighschoolmun@gmail.com.