Local Partnerships

The Institute of World Affairs (IWA) is deeply engaged in the local community, partnering with a wide range of organizations and networks to bring a global perspective to local issues.  IWA believes that global issues affect everyone, and many of the challenges facing Wisconsin’s communities are also global.  The Institute’s programs depend on a vibrant and diverse network of university, media, business, K-12 and community partners interested in expanding global awareness and connections in our city and state.

Partnerships across campus and the community bring new ideas and perspectives to IWA programs. Through collaborations with diverse community members, the Institute deepens the impact of our global education outreach programs.

Recent collaborations include:

  • A virtual Global Think Tank with UWM’s Lubar Entrepreneurship Center
  • The Fabric of Milwaukee initiative with Arts@Large at participating MPS K-8 schools
  • A Kennan Distinguished Lecture with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Dana Priest in partnership with The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Interested in exploring potential collaborations with IWA?  IWA is always looking for new and creative partnerships to build a better, more globally-engaged community!