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Through both live presentations and broadcast and digital media, these programs help UWM and members of our wider community stay engaged with global issues that impact their lives.

 Kennan Lecture–October 19, 2017 ~ 7pm

At the beginning of the Cold War, when few in the US understood what motivated leaders in the Soviet Union, George F. Kennan provided a coherent policy framework for containing Russian influence. Seventy years later, Washington is once again in need of a conceptual roadmap to guide relations with Moscow. This Kennan Distinguished Lecture will explore Russia’s strategic imperatives in the 21st century and how the US should respond.

Ambassador Jack Matlock served as a member of the National Security Council as US Ambassador to Moscow during one of the most consequential periods for US-Russian relations.


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Department of Geography

Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Department of Political Science

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Department of Foreign Languages & Literature-Slavic Languages Program