Congratulations on your admission to UWM! We want you to join the UWM International Students Group on Facebook to connect with fellow international students. This group is only open to people who are UWM students, staff, alumni, or faculty.

Most posts are generated by students, and therefore the views expressed do not represent those of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Please, only post in English, and all inappropriate posts will be removed.

We also encourage you to join the UWM Int’l Students group on Whatsapp. Our Whatsapp group is designed to help answer any specific questions you may still have, while also providing another platform to connect with fellow international students.

You can also privately message us via Whatsapp (+1-414-253-4404) and we will reply as quickly as we can. Direct messages typically get a response within a few hours.

Please note, we will monitor our Whatsapp account during business hours- 8am-4:30pm CST M-F. We will prioritize responding to messages received outside of regular office hours each morning.  If you prefer to call or video chat via Whatsapp, let us know so we can arrange a time.

For our Mandarin speaking students, we also offer a UWM group on WeChat. This platform can help you get answers to any questions you have and allow you to connect with others. Please scan the QR code.