Class Registration

In the U.S. and at UWM, students actively select their class schedules. When setting a course schedule, students need to consider the requirements for their major and degree, and the best resource for helping students understand those requirements are academic advisors (for undergraduate students) or graduate program representatives (for graduate students).

At some point, either before you arrive or during the week of orientation, you will select and enroll in courses through PAWS. Here are a few helpful links on the topic of enrollment and class registration:

Searching for Classes: This website focuses on the process of searching for classes through your UWM PAWS account.

Undergraduate Students

Placement Tests

Before you can select and enroll in an English or Math class, you must take placement tests. Placement tests are taken on-campus, and the results place you into the appropriate English and Math course level. Students in some majors may choose to also take a Chemistry Placement Test.

Placement tests that deal with level of English are not the same as TOEFL, IELTS, CAE or CPE, and the results of your placement test do not affect your admission or level of English proficiency for admission purposes.

  • All new freshman students take math and English placement tests
    • A CAE/CPE, TOEFL, or IELTS score does NOT substitute for a placement test in English.
  • New transfer students need to communicate with their academic advisor to understand whether placement tests are necessary. Most likely, if you have not taken English or Math courses at the university level, you will need to take the placement tests.

FALL 2019 Placement Testing

Students who plan to arrive and follow the prearranged schedule just need to confirm arrival via email, and we will register you for the placement test. Students who plan to arrive early, and want to make arrangements on their own, can register for placement tests at

  1. International Student Placement Testing session on Monday, August 26, 2019. This session will include the required testing for both math and English. English testing will be offered for both native speakers and non-native speakers.
  2. Please bring a photo ID and a non-graphing calculator.  (You cannot use the calculator on your phone or watch.)

Please note: All New Freshmen and New Transfers who require both math and English must register for the August 26th date. For transfer students who do not require both exams, please schedule yours for a different day due to space limitations.

Academic Advising

When you are admitted, you are assigned an academic advisor from your School or College. Your academic advisor will help you identify courses that satisfy the requirements of your major and degree.

  • You can find your advisor’s name and email in your PAWS account. Feel free to contact your advisor before you arrive to campus. Advisors welcome questions from students and are especially eager to help new students get a great start to their academic careers.
  • There will be scheduled meeting times when you can talk with your advisor in-person on Thursday, August 29, 2019.

Graduate Students

Graduate students can contact their respective graduate program representative to inquire which faculty member will advise on course registration. It is important to register as early as possible because classes fill up.