A graduate education at UWM is more than just a degree. It’s an experience. Whether you are interested in a professional master’s degree, advancing your career with a certification, or conducting research and obtaining your doctorate, you can be confident in knowing that we are just as committed to your education as you are. – UWM Graduate School

Why Should Graduates Consider Studying Abroad?

Foreign Language Skills: Maintaining a proficient level of vocabulary and conversational skills can be difficult where the language is not used daily. Studying abroad helps students maintain confidence in their speaking skills, supplement their studies, start a new language or open doors to interesting job opportunities.

Focus on your studies: Studying abroad offers a change in environment but also offers students access to new resources that may not have been easily accessible. Utilizing free libraries, and museums, speaking with the locals and getting a first hand experience within a new culture. CIE’s Study Abroad Office offers a wide range of programs that allow for students to capitalize on the resources available from the host country and the host university all while being completely immersed in their studies and all while embracing the host country’s culture.

Expand your international network: Graduate students have more than one occasion to expand their network within their respective fields, but studying abroad also gives graduate students another unique opportunity to expand their network abroad. Studying abroad gives students the opportunity to build relationships with students, professors, future employers and more boosting the student’s network for possible future career or collaborative opportunities.

Important Things to Consider

Language Requirements: Some of CIE’S study abroad programs have language requirements but there are also various programs that do not have a language requirement. This may be a good chance for graduate students to brush up on their foreign language skills or this could be an opportunity to take courses to help supplement their studies while abroad.

Planning & Timing: Planning to study abroad can be a process in terms of making sure courses match up with the graduate academic plan, making sure that credits taken abroad can be transferred and finally making sure that time is also factored into the plan. The Graduate Advisors are a very important resource when it comes to working on a plan to study abroad. CIE highly recommends working with the graduate advisors to work out a plan for studying abroad and how the timing will affect the selected graduate track.

Funding: Studying abroad is a great opportunity for many reasons but the cost is a common factor in why students don’t study abroad. IT may sound daunting but CIE has a glance into resources that all students can use to fund their study abroad program. Additionally, CIE highly recommends talking to a Financial Aid Specialist about funding options for graduate students. Also doing additional researching for scholarships, fellowships and more.

Considerations While Abroad

If you choose a Non-UWM program, you are responsible for making sure your official transcript is sent to the Study Abroad Office. All students are responsible for making sure their grades are transferred to the Study Abroad Office from their respective university.

Electives can be easily completed while abroad, another option for students is to have some of the courses taken abroad be counted towards their degree or certificate. Check out the Course Equivalency Page.

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Otto-Friedrich-Universitat Bamberg

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