Alumni Stories: Keji Kujjo (International Studies ’15)

I chose UWM because of the campus diversity and abundance of opportunities available. For example, funding opportunities, internships on campus and in the city, diversity in course options and a lot of research opportunities. I added International Studies (IS) as a double major my sophomore year of college because I realized that I’m really interested in working with international NGOs that focus on women’s issues and this program would offer me the foundation that I need to prepare for that goal. I wanted to familiarize myself with different global issues but I didn’t want a program that was solely focused on politics and so I really liked having the cultural aspect of the IS program.

My last year in the IS program I had the opportunity to intern with the CIE office and it was a great experience because I got to use some of those skills at another internship that I had after graduation. I remember when my internship supervisor said we needed some surveys for our youth job orientation and within a few minutes I had about 200 surveys ready because I had prepared a Qualtrics survey for a CIE event during my internship.

Currently, I’m a graduate student at Bowling Green State University. I’m pursuing my master’s in Cross-Cultural & International Education with a focus on educational development and marginalized populations. I’m also the graduate assistant for the Women’s Center which I really love because I now have the opportunity to be involved with programming and serving women.

I’m very happy with my experience at UWM. I remember when I first started my graduate assistantship I reached out to Dina from the Institute of World Affairs (IWA), a branch of CIE, to get some help with human trafficking event ideas and it was amazing to me that even though I’m not at UWM anymore I can still reach out to the IWA or CIE and people are happy to help. It’s definitely a supportive community that I miss and I’m happy to have been a part of it. I’m always going to be interested in development work and serving marginalized populations–it’s my passion–and I’ll always remember the International Studies program as the foundation of my international education career.