Faculty/Academic Staff Travel Awards to Support Overseas Field Research Experiences for Undergraduates

research students in Kenya building mud oven

The Center for International Education (CIE) and the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) plan to award travel funding to faculty and academic staff to support overseas field research experiences for undergraduates in Spring or Summer 2016.

These awards are intended to help defray the costs associated with students traveling abroad to participate in faculty research. The committee has strongly favored applications that have focused most (or all) of the budget on the needs of the students, but the awards can also be used to fund faculty and academic staff travel. All travel expenses must be in accordance with UWM and UW System travel policies. Allowable travel costs include: transportation, lodging and per diem expenses. Awards may not be used to pay for faculty salary and benefits. Other anticipated research costs may be considered by the selection committee and should be listed and explained in the proposal budget; please note, however, that the primary purpose of these funds is to support travel rather than faculty members’ research expenses.

Overseas field research experiences are intended to advance students’ understanding of both the world beyond U.S. borders and how research is conceptualized and conducted. Applicants for these awards should:

  • Demonstrate existing relationships to support the current research;
  • Identify the anticipated research question(s) that students will address;
  • Describe preparation for the students, to include training in research methods, intercultural competency, and foreign language (if applicable);
  • Be able to sustain the research experience without the expectation of future funding (applicants should not expect ongoing funding through this initiative);
  • Explain anticipated outcomes of the research, along with a plan for dissemination; and
  • Consider the potential for collaborating with UWM colleagues to develop a shared overseas research site to host repeat visits.

Full details including application guidelines can be found in the Call for Applications. The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, January 29, 2016.