Building Resilient Communities: Lessons Learned from a Global Health Crisis in Haiti

April 5– FREE showing of the short film Design that Heals followed by a panel discussion with Thatcher Bean (MASS Design Group) and Scott Morgan (GHESKIO)

| UWM Curtin 175 | Refreshments starting at 5:30pm | Screening at 06:00pm |

The film features the GHESKIO cholera treatment center ( and Dr. Jean-William Pape, a world-renowned physician who has dedicated his life to improving the health of his Haitian homeland. Facing a health crisis only 9 months after the catastrophic earthquake that devastated the country, Dr. Pape collaborated with the MASS Design Group ( to build a cholera treatment center. This center was not only designed to treat disease, but also address the underlying social and structural conditions that allowed Haiti’s cholera outbreak to become the world’s worst cholera epidemic.

We will discuss the innovative and holistic health initiatives highlighted in the film and address how trans-disciplinary approaches to health are shaping the medical field in Haiti and around the globe. Check out the trailer!

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