Alumni Stories: Megan Griep (International Studies ’14)

When I began studying at UWM in 2012, I had already completed my Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology and had been out of school two years, working at an emergency center for animals. I was completely out of study mode after a two ¬year hiatus and nervous about the challenge of returning to school and completing my Bachelor’s degree, while at the same time working and living in Pewaukee. Additionally, I was hesitant about the quality of distance learning courses. That being said, I am very happy that I made the decision to enroll. I was extremely impressed with the online courses offered at UWM, and the flexibility to complete the major partially online while also working full-time.

I have always enjoyed studying world history and culture, and was an avid traveler throughout my youth. For this reason, when I graduated from high school, I was immediately drawn to International Studies courses. At the time, however, I never pursued the major due to the one fear I had. I was unsure what career I could have with such a broad degree. For example, a nursing degree would prepare me to become a nurse and law school would prepare me to become a lawyer, but what career would International Studies prepare me for?

Fast forward to the present, and my one fear soon became what I appreciated most about the major. The possibilities of the major are endless. I chose to focus on economic development and cross¬ cultural communication courses while in school. After completing my degree, I completed a CELTA course in Mexico City to learn how to teach English as a second language. From there, I was hired to teach English at a primary school in central Mexico.

For the past year I have been happily teaching and traveling in central Mexico, and have plans to continue teaching and traveling next year as well. The wide variety of courses I took at UW¬M provided me with a well-¬rounded education and knowledge that I have incorporated into many lesson plans. My education at UW¬M has only made me thirst for more knowledge, and to continue challenging myself in the future.