International Internship Examples

Global Studies students have completed their required internships at locations around the world, in a diverse number of fields. Click on the interactive map above to learn more.

International internships are encouraged for all students – not just Global Studies students – looking to gain valuable overseas work experience. Students often cite their internships as the most impactful experience of their college career.

Below are some examples of internship portfolios submitted by students who enrolled in the Global Studies international internship course (see the Global 489 syllabus for more information):

Finding an Internship

If you are a Global Studies student, it is a degree requirement that you complete an internship overseas (i.e. outside of the US), for 3 credits. Your Global Studies advisor will guide you through the process of identifying career fields that are of interest, and suggest some strategies for conducting your internship search.

All students interested in international internship opportunities should start by reviewing the Career Resources page and reading some tips from past Global Studies interns.

Internship Details

Note that if you are arranging your internship independently and seeking academic credit from UWM, you must work through CIE’s Study Abroad application process to obtain pre-departure orientation and advising and obtain mandatory UW System health insurance.

A $200 course fee will be assessed to each student who enrolls in Global 489 in order to complete the academic component of his/her overseas internship. This course fee defrays a small portion of the expense the Global Studies program incurs in administering Global 489. The fee does not apply to students who enroll in internships for which academic credit is awarded by the internship program provider. Fees will be payable in conjunction with mandatory study abroad administrative fees as specified by the Center for International Education’s Study Abroad Office.