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What are the differences between Global Studies and International Studies?

Global Studies International Studies
Program Type Bachelor of Arts Degree in Global Studies Major (L&S Bachelor of Arts Degree)
Tracks/Options (i.e. sub-majors or concentrations) Five pre-professionally focused Tracks, including: Global Communications, Global Management, Global Security, Global Sustainability, and Global Urban Development Three Options, including: (A) International Politics and World Affairs, (B) International Economics and Development, and ( C) World Languages and Cultures
Study Abroad Required – 12 credits total (equivalent to one semester, or split across multiple terms) Highly recommended
Internship(s) Required – 3 credits (160 hours), graded, at an overseas location and related to Global Studies Track Optional – 1-6 credits for an internationally-focused internship in the US or overseas may be counted as an elective
Foreign Language 8 semesters or equivalent of one language other than English; or 6 semesters of one language, and 2 semesters of another language. Courses taken abroad, fully taught in the foreign language, fulfill a “semester” of language requirement. (Non-native English speakers should consult with a Global Studies advisor regarding a waiver.) 14 credits in one foreign language or equivalent (maximum of 4 semesters depending on language studied and placement results)
Time to Completion Normally 4 years for students who start as intended Global Studies students in their first year at UWM While students may complete their major requirements in less than 4 years, they also need time to complete their L&S degree requirements