Electives Taught in English

Chinese 150 – Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture (3 units, U, HU)

Contemporary Chinese Society and Culture examines the main areas of contemporary Chinese life: economics, politics, society, people, culture, and the environment. Each week, in order to develop a better understanding of one aspect of Chinese society and cultural practices, students will read recent news and academic articles, view short documentary films, and participate in class discussions.

Taught in English

Chinese 160 – A Taste of China: Learning Chinese Culture & Society through Cuisine (3 units, U, HU)

This course will explore Chinese culture primarily through the study of Chinese cuisine. Food is a lens through which we can learn more about Chinese geography, philosophy, and religions because food has been historically important to Chinese life. Students will discover the uniqueness of Chinese cuisine through various class activities and assignments that focus on food practices, views about food, and the role of cuisine in daily life. This class will make use of discussions, projects, readings, and films to engage students with issues related to food and society and introduce them to Chinese cuisine.

Instructors: Xiaorong Wang

Taught in English

 Sample Syllabus

Chinese 299 – An Introduction to Hanzi (3 units; U )

Unlock the mystery of Chinese characters by exploring the past and the present. From oracle bones to modern Chinese characters, this class covers it all!

This course will give students the opportunity to explore Chinese characters in a meaningful and insightful way; giving them a solid foundation of structure, historical development and modern usage. Additionally, “An Introduction to Hanzi” will provide students with a basic outline of how to master thousands of different Hanzi through the combination of study methods, basic theory, and modern technology.

Taught in English