Frequently Asked Questions

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Email Functionality

If client responds to an email with a ‘thank you’ does this re-open and cycle through the 5 day resolve? Is another email sent right away if the incident is re-closed right away?  

A client response changes the status from “Resolved” to “Reopened”. The Incident would need to be re-resolved by a HD supervisor. If the Incident has been moved to “Closed” by the system, it will not be reopened and another Incident will be created.

When are emails sent to teams and users?

New Task creation will generate an email to the team list given to us if we’ve been asked to do so. A new Task to a person will trigger an email to that person.


How do I change roles?
  1. Go to File -> Logout
  2. Select the option to “Change Role”

What do I do if I selected to “Always Use Selected Role” but I no longer want to use that role?

  1.  In CSM, select File -> Logout -> Change Role
  2. Uncheck “Always use Selected Role”

Incidents/Service Requests

Are we using “resolved on first call”?

“Resolved on first call” is automatically set and flagged if the incident is resolved with less than a pre-defined number of saves.

How do I remove a task?

Use Control + Z to “remove” a Task. This will work as long as one has not saved the Incident.

How do I create an “Internal Journal”?

If you want to create an “internal” journal that will not be displayed on the Portal, please use the Internal Journal One Step (Global Incident One Steps) or uncheck “Show in Self Service.”  All Journals that have the “Show in Self Service” box checked are visible to customers.


How do I set my default dashboard to something other than the one I have been assigned?

  1. Go to the Dashboard you want to set as default
  2. Right click and select “Set as default Dashboard”

How do I revert back to my assigned default Dashboard if I have changed it?

  1. Navigate to Tools -> Options -> Dashboard and Calendars
  2. Select “Use Default”
  3. Click OK

Is there a way to see Urgent notifications?

A “heads up” dashboard displaying the IT Status page is available. To access, press F4 when in your dashboard. This will only work in the Desktop Client. In the Browser Client choose Dashboard > Dashboard Manager from the drop-down top menu, double-click on Global, and then choose Heads Up / IT Status.

Can I sort widget results?

If you want to sort the widget results, go to View > Results in Grid.


What is the difference between the Desktop and Web client?

We have a document on our Cherwell Documentation page that outlines those differences.

Are there Keyboard Shortcuts?

We have a document on our Cherwell Documentation page that lists the shortcuts.

How do I log out?

In order to log out, you need to choose File> Logout > Exit. Failure to do so will result in you not being logged out and you will not be able to log back in for a specified amount of time.

Getting Support

Is there a list that users can use if they need someone to fix an incident or service request?

Yes, This will go to Help Desk staff who are members of all teams and can correct errors.

How do I request new features or changes for my department?


How do I request issues/errors when using Cherwell?


UITS Help Desk Consultants

What should I do if I incorrectly assign a incident to the incorrect team?  

  1. Contact an HD3
  2. HD3 will close out the Task that was incorrectly assigned
  3. Make a Task to correct Team

Can an Help Desk Consultant take ownership to resolve tasks that assigned incorrectly?

No, you can only take ownership of a Task if you are a member of the Team.

Will HD2s and CCL employees be taking ownership of their incidents or just closing tasks assigned by HD1? Same question for CCL?

No, they will not take ownership of incidents. HD2s and CCL employees will close out Tasks and resolve the incident.

If we resolve a nologin email, will an email be sent to

No, emails will be sent to a pantherLIST that is setup to discard all messages.