The visit from Nobel Laureate Prof. Feringa was a great success!

The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee is proud to have hosted Prof. Ben Feringa on September 29th, 2017. Sponsored by the Department of Chemistry, the Nobel Laureate Dr. Feringa gave a expiring and unforgettable seminar about molecular switches and motors, which are expected to replace the combustion and electrical motors in the future. “We can learn from the fascinating designs of molecular motors nature has developed over millions of years and use chemistry to build them” Dr. Feringa said. Furthermore, he mentioned that although this sounds like science fiction, nobody in the time of the Wright brothers imagined that a hundred years later we will transport 600 people around the globe in an aircraft made from metal. Touring UWM’s chemistry and biochemistry department and Shimadzu laboratory and talking to students who presented their work at a seminar and poster session, Prof. Feringa told me that he was was very impressed with the dedication and excellence of research at UWM, which currently has R1 status in the United States. In an interview with Milwaukee’s WISN12, he emphasized that risk taking in science is essential to expand our imagination for great new discoveries. Furthermore, a radio interview will be aired shortly by WUWM 89.7 with Bonnie North talking about the importance of science education at all pre-college levels. On behalf of all participants at UWM, we would like to thank Prof. Feringa for his visit and sharing his love for science.