Recognition of Inventors from the department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Research Foundation hosted its annual Partner Reception at the University Club on March 1, 2018. A highlight of the annual event is recognition of inventors on patents that issued during the past year. This year, four U.S. patents were issued with inventors from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. These included: Cysteine and cystine prodrugs to treat schizophrenia and reduce drug cravings, U.S. patent 2,714,226, and Gabaergic receptor subtype-selective ligands and their uses, U.S. patent 9,597,342, Inventor, Dr. James Cook, Distinguished Professor; Native SDS-PAGE and methods of use, U.S. patent 9,709,526, Inventor, Dr. David Petering, Distinguished Professor; Development of a GABAA agonist to control airway hyperresponsiveness and inflammation in asthma, U.S. patent 9,879,020, Inventors, Dr. Douglas Stafford, MIDD Director, Dr. Alexander (Leggy) Arnold, Assoc. Professor, Dr. James Cook, Distinguished Professor, and Dr. Michael Rahesh Stephen, Research Associate. All of these patents arose from research in faculty laboratories affiliated with the Milwaukee Institute for Drug Discovery and represent discoveries with substantial potential for future commercial development.  Among the many programs to support research and innovation at UWM, the UWM-Research Foundation manages intellectual property arising from university laboratories as an asset to strengthen the research mission.