Atreyei Ray

Ph.D. Student
Chemistry & Biochemistry
 Chemistry Building 414

Previously Attended
Heritage Institute of Technology, India, BS 2014

Why I like Chemistry
I was never a fan of theoretical classes but loved the little bit of research that undergrad in India offered. That was my main motivation to apply for graduate school in the United States. When I first joined graduate school, I wanted to join the pharmaceutical industry. But after my first year as a TA, I can see myself as a professor someday, too.

Why I chose the Chemistry and Biochemistry Program at UW-Milwaukee
I applied to UWM because the research opportunities were to my liking and also, I had a couple of friends from undergrad joining me here. And I am loving every day of it! It has definitely been a learning experience in every aspect.

Favorite things to do in Milwaukee
My favorite part about Milwaukee are the people, the cheese and the beach; in that order. I have seldom missed home for the friends that I have made here over the past few months. I spend most of the weekend reading by the beach. If there’s something to complain about, it would definitely be how the weather can never seem to make up its mind.

Research Goals
Down the road, I would like to contribute to society in any little way possible through my research.