Md Mizzanoor Rahaman

Ph.D. Student
Chemistry & Biochemistry
 (414) 229-6573
 Chemistry Building 720

Expected Year of Graduation: 2018
Research Lab: Professor M. Mahmun Hossain
Major Area of Focus:Organic Chemistry
Minor Area of Focus:Organic Synthesis and Analytical Chemistry

Previously Attended

University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2003-2004, M.S., Organic Chemistry

Why I like Chemistry

I like Chemistry because all living things and non-living things are made by Chemical Compounds and I also do believe that not only the body but also the mind is made by Chemistry

Why I chose the Chemistry and Biochemistry Program at UW-Milwaukee

I heard about UW-Milwaukee from my friends, seniors and juniors who were at UW-Milwaukee. I had been also informed that the University have very nice educational environment with good faculty members. After coming here I also like kind faculty members, cooperative officers and helpful staff

Favorite things to do in Milwaukee

Walking beside Michigan Lake and enjoying Summer Fest

Research Goals

I want to synthesize a new and effective cancer drug which can change the history of cancer


M. Giasuddin Ahmed*, U. K. R. Romman, Kawsari Akhter, M. Mizzanoor Rahaman and K. Aynoon Nahar; A One-pot Synthesis of Potential Bioactive Chromens by the Reactions of Arylideneacetophenones with Cyclic 1, 3-Diketones; Journal of Bangladesh Chemical Society, 2011, 24(1), 73