Pandey, Kamal

Ph.D. Student
Chemistry - General

Expected Year of Graduation: 2022
Research Lab: Dr. Cook
Major Area of Focus: Organic Synthesis
Minor Area of Focus: Medicinal Chemistry

Previously Attended

Bachelor's Degree in Science (Chemistry), 2007-2010, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Master's Degree in Chemistry (Organic), 2010-2014, Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Chemistry, Kathmandu, Nepal

Why I like Chemistry

Being a core science, Chemistry satiates my queries raised in my mind. I find Chemistry in all of my daily activities.

Why I chose the Chemistry and Biochemistry Program at UW-Milwaukee

Imminent research faculties, good opportunities of research that I looked for and great place to learn the techniques.

Favorite things to do in Milwaukee

Biking on trails, soccer, summer picnics and festivals