Weiner, Joshua
jjweiner@uwm.eduLapham Hall N380

Weiner, Joshua

Ph.D. Student
Chemistry & Biochemistry

Expected Year of Graduation: 2018
Research Lab: Dr. Nick Silvaggi
Major Area of Focus: Biochemistry
Minor Area of Focus: X-Ray Crystallography

Previously Attended

UW-Milwaukee, B.S. Biochemistry 2007, Medical College of WI, M.S. Biochemistry 2010

Why I like Chemistry

"Never trust an atom, they make up everything." -Unknown

Why I chose the Chemistry and Biochemistry Program at UW-Milwaukee

The faculty

Favorite things to do in Milwaukee

Going to the zoo with my kids (ZooPass is a great deal if you go twice or more per year), lots of fun/interesting museums (e.g. Discovery World, Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee Art Museum) to visit. Eating is good, lots of good to great local restaurants. Stuff like that.


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