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Instruments in the Shimadzu Laboratory for Advanced and Applied Analytical Chemistry include:

  • MALDI-7090 with AccuSpot (MALDI TOF-TOF platform for proteomics, metabolomics, and tissue imaging)


  • LCMS-IT-TOF (HPLC with DAD detector, ESI or APCI ionization, and integrated ion trap and TOF systems)

GCMS-QP2010 Ultra


  • Triple Quad LCMS-8040 (UPLC with online SPE, DUIS (APCI and ESI) ionization source and high speed positive/negative ionization switching)

LCMS-2020 w Prominence

  • LCMS 2020 Single Quad (UPLC with DAD, DUIS (APCI and ESI) ionization source and  high speed positive/negative ionization switching)


Shimadzu UV-2600

Laboratory instrumentation and space for samples preparation, tissue culture, chromatography, and data analysis is also available.